1. This Introduction Campaign (the “Campaign”) is organised by Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd, with registration number (“Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd“).
  2. The fees and discounts for the Campaign will be sponsored by Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd and no other third party, endorse, administer the Campaign or are associated with the Campaign. By entering into the Campaign, you acknowledge no third party company, including social media and communication platforms will accept liability in respect of and/or in relation to any claims, losses as a result of the Campaign.
  3. The Campaign will run for 30 (including any days which are public holidays, Saturdays and/or Sundays) days from 15 September 2020 at 09h00 to 28 October 2020 at 17h00 (the “Campaign Period“). Any referrals received after the closing date and time will not be
  4. It is important that you understand and agree to these terms and conditions in order for you to participate in this Campaign.



  1. This Campaign is open to all persons.
  2. Companies who have already had engagements or who do not stipulate the referral campaign and referring party on first contact will not be eligible for the discount.
  3. Only one person will qualify to earn a referral fee per transaction. This will be determined by the purchasing party. I.e. The purchasing party will only quality for the 10% discount on their price if they nominate the person that made them aware of the Digital Humanity Introduction Campaign. Even if they were made aware by multiple parties, they will only be allowed to select one party, at their discretion.
  4. All information (including these terms and conditions) relating to this Campaign published on any promotional or advertising material at any time before or during the Campaign Period will form part of the terms and conditions of entry. Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd also has the right to end the Campaign at any time during the Campaign
  5. By participating in this Campaign, all Participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, which will be interpreted by Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd and Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd’s decision regarding any issue with the Campaign, will be final and binding. Should any of the terms and conditions be unclear to you, you are welcome to contact Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd.



  1. During the Campaign Period, Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd will post details of the campaign via social media.
  2. Participants are encouraged to like share and spread awareness of the campaign with their network.
  3. Should anyone in their network be in need of a website or app, they are encouraged to make contact with Digital Humanity, and on first contact state their participation in the competition.
  4. Please do not send Digital Humanity contacts to call, meet, email, or contact in any shape or form, will not be seen as a referral and will not be eligible to benefit from this campaign.
  5. It is the sole responsibility of the purchasing party to stipulated who referred them. They may be asked to provide proof of referral in order for Digital Humanity to verify the authenticity, and to make contact with the referral party.
  6. Participants purchasing a website will, subject to the terms and conditions herein stipulated, be eligible for 10% off their first purchase.
  7. Upon completion of this job, and full and final payment, there referring party will be eligible for their referral fee.
  8. Digital Humanity will make contact to arrange for the payment.



  1. During the Campaign, Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd will be giving away a referral fee to any persons who correctly engage and participate in the Campaign. The referral fee be determined as follows:
  2. Referrals can be made by any medium or communication channel. Proof of such referral must be available.
  3. Digital Humanity must be contacted by the purchasing party (The person or company in need of a website or app), and not the referring party.
  4. Sending forms on behalf of others, or sending Digital Humanity contacts to call, meet, email, or contact in any shape or form, will not be seen as a referral and will not be eligible to benefit from this campaign.
  5. R1000,00 (One Thousand Rand) will be paid to the referring party for any, and all once off development work that is completed as a result of the referral. Payment will be made upon final and in full payment by the customer.
  6. Payment of the fee will be done electronically. The payment will be made within 7 days of the final, in full payment being made by the customer.



  1. The qualifying customer will be eligible for 10% discount for all once-off work completed by Digital Humanity, with the exception of monthly maintenance, advertising spend, and monthly SEO work.
  2. The customer must state his referral and the referral party on first engagement with Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd. Existing customers are not eligible to participate in this campaign.
  3. Digital Humanity reserves the right to ask for proof of referral at its sole discretion.



  1. Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd has the right to remove your participation request from the Campaign should any form of foul play or fraud be suspected. Participants must adhere to the rules and terms of use of any social media of communication platforms used.
  2. Referrals which do not result in a sale, or work which is not completed for whatever reason will not be eligible to be considered for the
  3. Digital Humanity holds no liability whatsoever for a referral not resulting in a sale.
  4. By participating in the Campaign, you agree and consent to Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd publishing your name, videos, photographs in relation to the Campaign at no cost to us, for any advertising, promotional, print, point of sale or public relations material for a period of 12 (twelve) months from the start of the Campaign
  5. Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to verify, by whatever means necessary, your eligibility to participate in this Campaign.
  6. Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd cannot be held liable for the interception or loss of your personal information while transmitted, stored and/or processed across the internet, including social media sites and assumes no liability for any such interception or
  7. All Participants hereby indemnify Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd and its directors, affiliates, members, partners, employees, agents, consultants, suppliers, contractors and sponsors against any loss, claims and/or damages, either direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise, arising from or related to its participation in this
  8. The Referring party will be required to provide to Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd their name and identity number in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008, and they will be required to sign an acknowledgement of receipt of their
  9. The Referring party will be required to provide to Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd with their banking details in order to make payments. Cash transactions are not permissible in this campaign.
  10. All Participants hereby indemnify Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd of any instances where the purchasing party falsely or incorrectly nominates another referring party.
  11. Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd may amend, modify or otherwise change these terms and conditions in its sole and absolute discretion on notice to you and the amended version will be displayed in the same media as these terms and conditions. By participating or continuing to participate in the Campaign, you agree and understand that you will be bound by the amended terms and



  1. Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to remove any comments, images and content uploaded should this be deemed inappropriate by Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd including if such comments, imagines and content are against any social medias terms of use, contravene the law and/or are offensive. Participants must adhere to the rules of the platform used.
  2. Any comments or other material uploaded by Participants do not necessarily reflect Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd’s views, opinions or ideals.
  3. Participants participate at their own risk and take responsibility for all comments and images under their

Social Media account and information provided.

  1. Any comment, post, image or video cannot violate the copyright or other rights of any third party and you indemnify Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd in respect of such
  2. Any comment, post, image or video cannot include inappropriate, offensive, illegal or obscene material or gestures (e.g. hate speech or pornographic images).
  3. Any comment, post, image or video cannot disparage, reflect poorly upon or otherwise adversely affect the goodwill and/or reputation of Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd.
  4. Any comment determined by Digital Humanity (Pty) Ltd in its sole discretion to be in violation of the preceding criteria will not be published or removed immediately if applicable, and will be void and will not result in a valid Campaign