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A good business website is nothing without the eCommerce platform integration to convert user traffic. We can help integrate the eCommerce platform of your choice, no matter what your industry, no matter what your product.

eCommerce auctions have to be watertight in their design to ensure your auction platform can keep up with rapid-fire bids and sales. We can help refine your online auction house to ensure you’re running your auctions at optimum capacity.

Before every conversion, there’s marketing. Jumpstart your eCommerce marketing potential with intuitive social platform integration for your platform, helping your customers spread the word about their purchases from your brand.

Any platform that allows multiple vendors to sell their products needs a strong eCommerce framework to handle all of the transactions. We can prepare your multivendor site to do just that, with tested multivendor integration support.

Why Choose our services?


Getting your audience onside with your brand is one thing, but getting them to convert is something entirely different. At Digital Humanity, our eCommerce experts are well-acquainted with the best eCommerce brands out there – helping to refine your customer journey and maximise profits.


From Shopify to BigCommerce, WooCommerce to SalesForce and, Wix to CoreCommerce, we’ve got the insights, the industry knowledge and the knowhow to effortlessly integrate your websites with the eCommerce platform of your choice.


We can help you create a full eCommerce ecosystem, with every part of that ecosystem focused on turning clicks into conversions. You handle the high-quality products and services, and we’ll make it easy and straightforward for your customers to place an order – it’s that simple.

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